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homeowners, renters, and businesses joined Community Solar with Solar Gardens

Free Enrollment

There's no upfront cost to subscribe to a Solar Gardens project

Clean Energy Savings

Save on electricity with discounted solar credits applied directly on your electric bill

Support Renewable Energy

Contribute to your community's sustainability efforts and promote a cleaner power grid

Solar Gardens Community Solar

At Solar Gardens, we’re transforming the way communities access clean energy. Our Community Solar program allows everybody to harness the sun’s power without installing panels on their property. Through a no upfront-cost subscription; homeowners, renters, and businesses can subscribe to our locally developed solar projects and benefit from solar energy.

See how it works

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Step 1

You Join

Subscribe to a local solar garden for free. Complete our online enrollment form and we'll connect your electric account to an available project.

Step 2

We Produce

Our solar gardens produce clean energy in to the power grid. That clean energy is allocated to you in the form of credits on your electric bill.

Step 3

You Benefit

Your credits drastically reduce your electric bill. Solar Gardens will invoice you separately for your credits at a guaranteed discount.

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Shared Solar Energy For Everyone

Community Solar, also known as Shared Solar, is a renewable energy program backed by individual State legislation. There are currently 43 States in the U.S. that have adopted this program to ensure fair access to the economic and environmental advantages of solar energy.

With Community Solar, all residents can participate in the support of clean, renewable energy. It’s a hassle-free, solar alternative that benefits subscribers, developers, utilities, and the planet!

Solar Gardens by Syncarpha - Community Solar project in Hancock, Massachusetts connected with Eversource
  • Easy Access to Solar Energy

  • Long-term Cost Savings

  • No Upfront Cost or Maintenance

  • Flexibility and Convenience

  • Reduced Carbon Emissions

  • State-backed Consumer Protections

  • No Change In Utility Provider

How Community Solar Benefits Residents

Studies have shown that up to 80% of American residents cannot install panels on their rooftops for a variety of reasons: the up-front costs may be too high, their roofs may not face the right direction, or they rent their homes. Community Solar offers these residents a way to access solar energy benefits regardless of these restrictions.

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Deirdre P.
Deirdre P.

Solar Gardens Subscriber

"I have loved Community Solar. No panels on the house and transparent billing make it a no brainer!"

Erica H.
Erica H.

Solar Gardens Subscriber

"I've been really grateful to be a part of this sustainable energy effort, and as a divorced homeowner & mother of two, the savings really make a difference."

Joel N.
Joel N.

Solar Gardens Subscriber

"Signup is very easy and doesn't require face-to-face contact. Billing is straightforward, automatic and well-explained."

Cynthia W.
Cynthia W.

Solar Gardens Subscriber

"I feel great being a part of a solar community! Everyone I’ve spoken to or emailed has been very patient and kind (since I’m a grandmother so much of the detail is new or tricky for me) as they have explained things and answered my questions."

Paul M.
Paul M.

Solar Gardens Subscriber

"Very easy to enroll. Good to know I can support green energy without having panels on my roof. When I moved to new location my account was able to follow me and there was no interruption in receiving my credits."

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