Solar Panel Manufacturing in America: Powering The Future In 2024

Based on the most recent data, the solar industry in America is experiencing significant growth, particularly in solar panel manufacturing. In 2023, the US solar industry installed a groundbreaking 32.4 gigawatts-direct current (GWdc) of capacity, which marked an impressive 51% increase over 2022. This growth was distributed across various segments of the solar market, including residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar projects (

This blog post explores the transformative growth of solar panel manufacturing in America, with insights into the industry’s leap to 32.4 GW capacity, the vision for a 50 GW future, and the leading companies shaping a sustainable energy landscape.

The Resurgence of American Solar Panel Manufacturing

The American solar panel manufacturing landscape has been substantially influenced by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has laid out ambitious goals, aiming to reach 50 GW of annual solar manufacturing capacity by 2030. In response to this, and to counteract the shortage due to overseas supply chain issues, the US is increasingly focusing on boosting domestic manufacturing capabilities. It’s projected that US production could reach 10 GW within two years, scaling up to 25 GW within five years (PV Magazine USA).

With eight active polysilicon facilities and a pioneering wafer factory in Massachusetts, the foundation for domestic production is well-laid. Despite challenges in polysilicon ingot and cell production, significant investments, such as Hanwha Qcells’ $2.5 billion venture in Georgia, signal a new era of integrated solar manufacturing. This approach is not only bolstering the domestic supply chain but also creating thousands of clean energy jobs (PV Magazine USA).

Statistics from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) underscore the dramatic growth in the sector, illustrating how solar panel manufacturing in America has evolved to meet the growing demand for renewable energy solutions. This growth is supported by a combination of technological advancements, competitive pricing, and strong federal incentives, such as the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC).

Photo from Qcell: Qcells Bartow County solar factory
Photo from Qcell: Qcells 1.7 GW Bartow County, Georgia solar factory

Impacts on the Economy and the Solar Industry

The expansion of solar panel manufacturing in America transcends the bounds of environmental impact. It’s a catalyst for economic revitalization, job creation, and innovation. By bringing production home, the solar industry is contributing significantly to local economies, providing high-skilled jobs, and reducing the supply chain vulnerabilities seen in international markets.

“Greatly expanding U.S. PV manufacturing could mitigate global supply chain challenges and lead to tremendous benefits for the climate as well as for U.S. workers, employers and the economy.” DOE concluded in a study that U.S. production could reach 10 GW in two years, 15 GW in three years and 25 GW in five years on its path to 50 GW annual production.

Furthermore, American manufacturers are setting new standards in quality and efficiency, strengthening the global competitiveness of the U.S. solar industry. This homegrown production is essential for meeting the nation’s ambitious renewable energy targets and for ensuring a stable, sustainable supply of solar panels to meet the burgeoning market demand.

The Path Forward for American Solar Manufacturing

The future of solar panel manufacturing in America shines bright. With ongoing investments in Research & Development, coupled with supportive governmental policies, the sector is poised for growth. This will not only enhance the U.S.’s position as a global leader in clean energy but also fortify national energy independence.

Consumer preferences are also shifting towards sustainable and locally-produced products, which further bolsters the market for American-made solar panels. As awareness and demand continue to grow, the domestic solar manufacturing industry is expected to see a significant increase in development.

Image from First Solar - U.S. solar panel manufacturing - PV Magazine USA
Image from First Solar - U.S. solar panel manufacturing - PV Magazine USA
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