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What Is Community Solar? How Does It Work?

Community Solar

Community Solar Summary

Community Solar is a subscription-based, renewable energy program that allows large-scale solar developers to essentially sell their solar energy to homeowners, renters, and businesses connected to the existing electric utility grid. By doing so, developers can construct and operate these solar gardens with confidence in knowing it has a committed group of subscribers to purchase its solar energy, all while the subscribers reduce their annual electricity costs and support the growth of clean, renewable energy.

The best part is that there’s no upfront cost for residents to join a community solar project.

community solar gardens subscribers all share the output of a local solar project

How does community solar work for subscribers?

As a community solar subscriber, you, alongside several other local residents receive a “share” of the energy output of your chosen solar garden. Your share size of the project is determined by analyzing your annual electricity usage and sized to cover a majority of your electric usage.

It’s important to note that when you join a community solar project, you will still receive your electricity through your current utility provider. Your share of solar energy will be reflected on your monthly electric bill as a line item reduction known as “credits”. These credits reduce your electric bill substantially.

After receiving your monthly credits, developers like Solar Gardens by Syncarpha will invoice you (the subscriber) for your credits at a guaranteed discount. This discount on your credits is what saves you money and your discount is dependent on the State and Utility’s program regulations.

To Summarize:

  1. You join a local community solar project at no upfront cost with your chosen developer
  2. You receive an ongoing “share” of the solar energy output from the solar project
  3. Your “share size” is sized to cover most of your annual electricity consumption
  4. You receive “credits” on your monthly electric bill, reducing your utility payment
  5. You purchase your “credits” separately at a guaranteed discount (avg 10-15% discount)
  6. Not only do you save money on electricity, but you are supporting the growth of local, renewable energy by participating. This clean energy being supplied to your utility grid benefits not only you and your community, but the entire planet.
Community Solar Infographic with Solar Gardens
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