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Wiscasset Maine – Community Solar Project Now Operating

Bright news for Central Maine Power customers – shared solar energy in Wiscasset

Wiscasset Maine Community Solar Garden now operating for Central Maine Power CMP

Solar Gardens by Syncarpha is excited to announce the operation of our latest Community Solar garden in Wiscasset, Maine. This new 6.4 MW solar array is located off Lowell Town Road, generating clean energy directly into the Central Maine Power grid.

Over 1,200 Maine homeowners, renters, and businesses have subscribed to this community solar project with Solar Gardens and will begin receiving clean energy credits directly on their electric bills in the coming months.

“Our journey in Maine has been characterized by resilience and innovation, as we continue to navigate this emerging community solar market. Our consistent achievements in Maine showcase our dedication and growing expertise in providing sustainable, solar solutions. This Wiscasset project exemplifies our commitment to advancing solar energy access across Maine and beyond.”

– Clifford Chapman, Co-Founder & CEO of Syncarpha Capital

Solar Benefits For Wiscasset Maine Residents and Beyond

This “shared solar” initiative not only supports Maine’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) of 80% by 2023 (80% of electricity sold in the state must be produced by renewable sources) but also helps residents support renewable energy while saving up to 15% on electricity.

Every Community Solar project varies in size, location, and energy output. Because of this, subscriber benefits also vary. Community Solar subscriber benefits typically include:

  • Increased equitable access to solar energy
  • Free online enrollment ($0 upfront cost to subscribe to a community solar project)
  • Long-term electricity cost savings
  • No rooftop panels needed and no ongoing maintenance
  • No change or disruption in receiving electricity through existing utility provider
  • Support the growth of local, renewable energy in your community

Pictured above are photos taken of the Wiscasset project under construction

Our Growing Impact In Maine

This solar development marks the fifth Community Solar garden by Syncarpha in Maine, cumulatively contributing 30.8 MW DC to Central Maine Power.

Across these 5 projects, nearly 6,000 Maine residents will realize long-term savings on electricity (up to 15% electricity savings).

See our other Maine community solar projects below:

1. Riverside

Syncarpha Solar Gardens Riverside Maine Community Solar

Location:  Augusta, Maine

Date of Operation:  June 16, 2022

Project Size: 6.5 MW DC | 4.9 MW AC

Utility Connection: Central Maine Power

Clean Energy Discount: 15%

2. Waldoboro

Central Maine Power - Solar Gardens Community Solar Project in Waldoboro, Maine

Location: Controversy Ln – Waldoboro, Maine

Date of Operation:  October 25, 2023

Project Size: 6 MW DC | 5 MW AC

Utility Connection: Central Maine Power

Clean Energy Discount: 15%

3. Edgecomb

Edgecomb Maine Community Solar Garden by Syncarpha

Location: Atlantic Hwy – Edgecomb, Maine

Date of Operation:  November 6, 2023

Project Size: 5.6 MW DC | 5 MW AC

Utility Connection: Central Maine Power

Clean Energy Discount: 15%

4. Readfield

Readfield Maine Community Solar Garden by Syncarpha

Location: Main St – Readfield, Maine

Date of Operation:  November 13, 2023

Project Size: 6.3 MW DC | 5 MW AC

Utility Connection: Central Maine Power

Clean Energy Discount: 15%

How To Get Involved With Solar Gardens

We invite all Maine residents to join us in our mission to increase access to sustainable energy solutions.

If you’re interested in supporting renewable energy while saving money on electricity, consider joining a local community solar project: Begin your free enrollment online

Want to learn more about community solar and how the program works? Visit our Community Solar page or explore our FAQ page.

Have questions?

Have questions about the Wiscasset solar project or community solar in general? We’re here to help!

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (888) 55-SOLAR

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