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Halifax Solar

Subscriber Discount: 10%

Enrollment Cost: $0

Cancellation Fee: $0 with 6-month notice

Solar Gardens by Syncarpha - Halifax Solar - Massachusetts Community Solar Garden
Solar Gardens by Syncarpha - Halifax Solar - Massachusetts Community Solar Garden - 2

Annual Solar Production: 2,946,000 kWh

Pounds of Coal Avoided: 2,268,125 lbs.

Barrels of Oil Avoided: 4,765

About the Halifax Solar Project

The Halifax Solar project is a 2.5-megawatt, ground-mounted, community solar garden constructed in Halifax, Massachusetts. The project became operational in December 2020 and provides clean energy to the City of Everett, Tufts University, and local National Grid residents. The project produces enough clean energy annually to power about 250 homes, equivalent to avoiding harmful CO2 emissions from about 2.2 million pounds of coal burned.

Whether you’re a homeowner or renter receiving electricity through National Grid, you can take advantage of the many benefits this project has to offer by subscribing at no upfront cost. After subscribing, you can expect to receive your solar benefits within a few months.

How Community Solar Works

Community Solar is a renewable energy program that allows homeowners, renters, and businesses to collectively access solar energy benefits without the hassle of installing expensive solar panels on their properties.

Through a no-upfront subscription, residents reserve a share of the output of our locally generated solar energy. In turn, subscribers earn credits on their electric bills, resulting in long-term electricity savings while supporting local, renewable energy.

Step 1

You Join

You subscribe to a nearby solar garden online for free. Complete our simple enrollment form and we'll connect your electric account to a local project.

Step 2

We Produce

Our solar gardens produce clean energy in to the power grid. That clean energy is allocated to you in the form of credits on your electric bill.

Step 3

You Benefit

Your credits drastically reduce your electric bill. Solar Gardens will invoice you separately for your credits at a guaranteed discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Massachusetts Residents Choose Solar Gardens

Deirdre P.
    Deirdre P.

    Solar Gardens Subscriber

    "I have loved Community Solar. No panels on the house and transparent billing make it a no brainer!"

    Erica H.
      Erica H.

      Solar Gardens Subscriber

      "I've been really grateful to be a part of this sustainable energy effort, and as a divorced homeowner & mother of two, the savings really make a difference."

      Joel N.
        Joel N.

        Solar Gardens Subscriber

        "Signup is very easy and doesn't require face-to-face contact. Billing is straightforward, automatic and well-explained."

        Cynthia W.
          Cynthia W.

          Solar Gardens Subscriber

          "I feel great being a part of a solar community! Everyone I’ve spoken to or emailed has been very patient and kind (since I’m a grandmother so much of the detail is new or tricky for me) as they have explained things and answered my questions."

          Paul M.
            Paul M.

            Solar Gardens Subscriber

            "Very easy to enroll. Good to know I can support green energy without having panels on my roof. When I moved to new location my account was able to follow me and there was no interruption in receiving my credits."

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